Freight Collection

Originally drawn in 2005 by Joshua Darden and expanded several times over, the Freight superfamily of typefaces is renowned for its historical innovation and ongoing popularity.

As Jan Middendorp put it in Shaping Text: “with the Freight suite, Joshua Darden took a radical approach to designing for optical size. Letterpress’s subtle difference between the various body sizes have been translated into boldly drawn, hugely different variants with pronounced size-related characteristics. Freight turns the traditional ‘natural’ gradations of contrast and width into a conscious stylistic device.”

The Freight Collection is available for licensing from the following font distributors:

For extended and enterprise license requests or any other questions, send an email to The Freight Collection is also available for use on Adobe Fonts via Creative Cloud.

Freight Big

With an average hairline weight of just 1% of its point size, Freight Big is designed for the largest settings: openers, headlines, banners, and other large display applications. Mildly condensed proportions and tight spacing give it a bright finish.

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Freight Display

With a slightly larger, more arid lowercase and less delicate features than its Big sibling, Freight Display is designed for general display typography at large sizes.

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Freight Text

As the primary text design in the Freight series, Freight Text offers a variety of degrees of emphasis, from the spare, bony Light to the beefy Black. Designed concurrently, the romans and italics differ in texture but move with one calligraphic accord—neither is necessarily subject to the other.

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Freight Micro

An exercise in whispering very loudly, Freight Micro is designed for use below 9 points in print and at text sizes on digital screens. Freight Micro’s angular forms result from the decision to modulate entire strokes and contours rather than to merely pare out problem areas with ink traps.

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Freight Sans

A versatile companion to the Freight serifs, Freight Sans is a single design perfect for a broad range of uses. Freight Sans Condensed offers the same warm formality in a tighter footprint.

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